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Federico Dental Lab has been in existence since 1972. Through his many years of work experience, Paul has attributed the success of his business to his devotion to continuing dental education.

Paul is a graduate of Southern Illinois University and New York Community College. At the beginning of his career at Federico Dental Lab, Paul was fortunate to have teamed up with dentist, Dr. Ronald Avis.  As a resident technician in the office, Paul was able to observe prosthetics from the technician and dentist’s point of view. The value of attending lectures together became very apparent early on. Through the many years of Paul’s association with Dr. Ronald Avis and ultimately his son, Victor Avis, the tradition of jointly attending lectures allowed them to motivate one another and develop a common philosophy of dentistry. By holding one another accountable, both have been able to implement what they have learned to their work.

Independently, Paul has attended many courses throughout his professional career. His interests have evolved through the study of gnathology, the Dawson method and the Kois Center. Paul has also been on the faculty at New York University’s School of Continuing Dental Education for the past 22 years. He has been able to incorporate his studies into his instruction with the students. Paul has been involved in full mouth rehabilitation courses at the School of Continuing Dental Education and has since moved on to post graduate prosthetics.